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At Medi Red Costa Rica, we offer high-quality emergency medical care, available 24 hours a day. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing immediate assistance in critical situations, ensuring your well-being and safety. With a wide network of medical centers and advanced services, including air ambulance, we are always ready to respond to your health needs quickly and effectively.

Multiple Medical Centers

Specialists in Urgent Care and Emergency Medical Services. We have more than 8 medical centers nationwide.

Modern Facilities

High-quality emergency medical care and modern facilities, available 24 hours a day.

Ground Ambulance Service

We offer a fast and reliable ambulance service. Our expert team is ready to provide emergency medical assistance and medical air transport, ensuring quality care and safety at every critical moment.

Air Ambulance Service

We offer an air ambulance service, guaranteeing fast and safe medical transfers. With cutting-edge technology and specialized equipment, we are prepared to respond in critical situations at a national and international level.

Urgent Cares

Our 24/7 urgent care is always available to respond to your immediate medical needs. With a highly qualified and prepared team, we ensure effective and compassionate emergency care at any time of the day or night.

A class

We are proud to work closely with class A hospitals in Costa Rica. This partnership allows us to offer our patients access to top-of-the-line facilities and the highest quality treatments.


Dr. Hanzel Larios

With more than 20 years dedicated to the field of medicine, Doctor Hanzel Larios stands out as a fundamental pillar in the field of health in Costa Rica. As the founder and visionary behind Medi Red Costa Rica, Dr. Larios has been the driving force in the opening and success of more than 10 medical centers in the country. Its passion for quality medical care and its commitment to innovation have positioned Medi Red Costa Rica as a benchmark in health services, offering comprehensive and cutting-edge care to the Costa Rican community.

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Coco Medical Center

Dr. Hanzel Larios

With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Larios is the visionary founder of Medi Red Costa Rica, leading the opening of more than 10 medical centers and marking a milestone in healthcare in the country.

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Quepos Urgent Care

Dr. Kevin Gannon

Dr. Gannon, recognized for his extensive experience and innovative approach to medicine, brings a global perspective and extensive experience in improving health services at Medi Red.

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Pinilla Urgent Care

Dr. Andrés Aguilar

Dr. Andrés Aguilar is a prominent member of the team at Flamingo Urgent Care, where his passion for medicine and focus on patient-centered care have made him a highly regarded general practitioner.

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Uvita Urgent Care

Dra. Melissa Zuñiga

Dr. Zuñiga, with her comprehensive and human approach to medicine, is a pioneer in personalized treatments, contributing significantly to the quality and warmth of care at Medi Red.

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Welcome to the Medi Red Costa Rica Blog, your reliable source of information and advice on health and well-being. Here we will share knowledge, news and trends from the medical world, offered directly by our experts. Stay informed and connected to the latest innovations and practices in healthcare, all from the unique perspective of Medi Red, a healthcare leader in Costa Rica.

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April 8, 2023

Descubra la distinción de Esterillos Urgent Care, un santuario de atención médica ubicado en Quepos, Puntarenas…

October 18, 2021

En el corazón de la paradisíaca Uvita, Puntarenas, surge un hito en el mundo de la atención médica de urgencia…

September 22, 2020

Descubre Quepos Urgent Care, una joya en el corazón del Pacífico Central, que se esfuerza por redefinir la atención médica de urgencia…

Testimonials from Patients

Discover what our patients say about us: read their experiences and testimonials that reflect the commitment and quality of care we offer at Medi Red Costa Rica.

Chest pain and breathing difficulties

“I went through great efforts to help my 7-year-old nephew who was drowning! I saved him, but the physical demands provoked me chest pain and breathing difficulties.”

Jasmine Ericsson

We are impressed

“We are impressed in kindness of people and high level of medical exercise and system in Costa Rica. My wife has been very happy in getting the treatment here and wants to express her appreciation to all who gave her help and particularly to you. Thank you again, Best regards.”

Yutaka (Jeff) Adachi

Suffered a small accident

“I suffered a small accident while on holiday! they helped me suturing my wound and everything turned out great, thankfully!

Stitches were removed back in Amsterdam and I was very grateful!”


Accident while fishing

“I suffered a small accident while fishing; a hook caught my foot! Case closed!

I was invited on a fishing trip on El Patrón for my next visit!”


Thanks for all your help

“Thanks for all your help on January 12th during our vacation in Costa Rica. I’m very grateful for everything you did for us, and it’s nice to feel alot better!”

Hanna Andersson

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