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Our Main Services

Check Out Our Main Urgent Services

Ground Ambulance Service

We offer a fast and reliable ambulance service. Our expert team is ready to provide emergency medical assistance and medical air transport, ensuring quality care and safety at every critical moment.

Air Ambulance Service

We offer an air ambulance service, guaranteeing fast and safe medical transfers. With cutting-edge technology and specialized equipment, we are prepared to respond in critical situations at a national and international level.

Urgent Cares

Our 24/7 urgent care is always available to respond to your immediate medical needs. With a highly qualified and prepared team, we ensure effective and compassionate emergency care at any time of the day or night.

A class

We are proud to work closely with class A hospitals in Costa Rica. This partnership allows us to offer our patients access to top-of-the-line facilities and the highest quality treatments.

Your Path to Care in Medi Red

From First Contact to Exceptional Care

Initial Contact:

Easy and Fast Communication

When you contact us, whether by phone, email or through our website, we respond quickly and efficiently to understand your needs and direct you to the right service.

Service Coordination:

Planning your Care

Our qualified team will guide you in selecting the most appropriate medical center and specialist for your case, ensuring fluid coordination and an appointment that fits your needs and schedule.

Care at the Medical Center:

Personalized and Professional Care

Upon arriving at one of our medical centers, you will be greeted by committed health professionals who will provide personalized medical care, using the latest technologies and practices to ensure the best possible care.

Multiple services in our clinics.

More Services

Laboratory Service:

Accurate Clinical Analysis

Our laboratory service at Medi Red is equipped with advanced technology to provide accurate and fast clinical analysis. From routine exams to specialized tests, we guarantee reliable results for effective diagnosis and treatment.


Medications and Professional Advice

The Medi Red pharmacy offers a wide range of medications, backed by expert pharmacists ready to advise you. We strive to provide a comprehensive service, ensuring you get the right medications conveniently.

General Tests:

Comprehensive Evaluations for your Health

We offer a variety of general tests at Medi Red to evaluate and monitor your health status. With modern equipment and qualified personnel, our tests are essential for preventive care and effective health management.

Covid-19 tests:

Fast and Safe Detection

At Medi Red, we understand the importance of early detection of Covid-19. That’s why we provide fast and safe Covid-19 tests, ensuring accurate results for your peace of mind and that of your community.

We work with multiple insurances

National and International Insurance

A Journey of 20 Years, 10 Centers, 25+ Experts and more than 23678 Satisfaction Stories.

Commitment and Excellence in Figures


Years with you!

For 20 years, we have been committed to the health and well-being of Costa Rica, growing alongside our community and evolving to meet your medical needs.



We have a team of 25 highly qualified doctors specialized in various areas of medicine, committed to providing compassionate and quality care to all our patients.


Urgent Cares

Our network is comprised of 10 strategically located medical centers, each equipped with cutting-edge technology and dedicated staff to provide exceptional medical care.


Satisfied Patients!

The trust and satisfaction of our 23,678 patients is a testament to our commitment to excellence in health care and the drive to continue improving every day.

At Medi Red, your health is our priority. Contact us today to experience quality, compassionate healthcare. We are here to take care of you and your family.

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Call us now if you have an emergency medical need, we will respond quickly and provide you with medical help.

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